Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week 5 in EDLD 5363

Well, I attended my last web conference for EDLD 5363 Sunday night. There was a bit of confusion about exactly what needed to be completed for the last week of the course, but Dr. Abernathy was diligent in helping everyone feel at ease about her expectations. Thankfully she understood our work load and relieved some of the pressure we were all feeling by excusing us from posting comments to our class discussion board.

It was also interesting to hear more information about how and why Ed Tech students can work toward their principal certification. It was enlightening to hear Dr. Abernathy’s explanation of why Lamar University now has a master’s program through which Ed Tech students can also prepare for the principal certification. So many Ed Tech students would finish the master’s program and begin work in central administration offices and then be told they needed to have principal certifications. Thankfully, LU responded to that need and created a program to work toward Ed Tech leadership and principal certification at the same time.

Thank you Dr. Abernathy for your cheerful web conferences.

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