Sunday, November 20, 2011

Creating a Digital Storybook...scrapbooking in cyberspace

Oh my! What an experience. I honestly started this week thinking I wouldn’t be able to create a digital storybook anyone would be interested in watching. My mind truly whirled trying to narrow down ideas that seemed too large to manage. When the idea I finally used came, I knew it was right. The biggest challenge was finding images to use. Although I have many photographs saved, most of my photographs were lost in a house fire a couple of years ago. Thankfully, I found free images on that I was able to use to fill in the gaps between personal photos.

I really enjoyed learning how to create a digital storybook and I look forward to playing with that piece of technology more. I can see great potential in using things like Movie Maker and iMovie to document important events.

I also enjoyed collaborating with Jennifer Canizares and Jennifer Ralston through our google document. ( )

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