Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 1 in EDLD 5363

There are some pros and cons to participating in a web conference during the first week of this course. It was good to be reminded to use the ISTE standards so we’re prepared to assist our colleagues. I was grateful to hear that EDLD 5363 will end by Friday, December 16th so we can enjoy our entire Christmas break. It was nice to hear a brief overview of each of the five weeks of this course to know where we’re going. On the other hand, it felt a little overwhelming to get so much information at once; information that went beyond this boundaries of this course. It helped to know other members of our class are feeling the same.

I found it interesting to learn that this course really was designed to help us learn how to collaborate effectively because of the distance collaborating not in spite of it. I’m grateful for the opportunity we’ve been provided to work with others in our sections.

I wish Dr. Abernathy had shared an answer to one question about updating logs and now knowing where to add in the Principal Competencies activities. Instead, time was spent explaining the e-portfolio (wiki) which made me wish there was a way for web conferences to be done by cohorts so we wouldn’t have to spend time hearing about things we already know. By the time we finished

Wrapping up my thoughts, I didn’t really understand why Dr. Abernathy muted her mic halfway through the web conference but was glad she turned it back on after a few minutes in time for us to hear that we will be taking a Lamar competency assessment whether we plan to take the state principal certification test or not. By the end, I actually ended up being a little confused about things like where certain pieces of our work should b posted (wiki, blog, Tk20, e-portfolio?).

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