Thursday, June 2, 2011

Star Trek & My 1st Web Conference for EDLD 5306

I watched Star Trek growing up, but never honestly expected to be able to see people in various parts of Texas as well as outside the state while talking to them without ever leaving my house. Although I have done Skype many times, last night’s experience was new and exciting for me as I enjoyed a web conference with my professor and other members of my cohort.

As is prone to happen with technology of this sort, we had a couple of issues through which we had to work initially, but overall it was a fantastic event. Our professor displayed her wonderful sense of humor, yet kept us grounded in the reality of what lies ahead for us in our masters program. It was a relief to know that the other members of my cohort are just as uncertain as I am in regard to what is expected of us and how we are going to accomplish everything.

It sure seems like a lot to achieve in such a short time, but I’ve already made my principal happy with the ideas I have been able to present to him (thanks not only to the information I’ve been assigned to read and watch, but also thanks to the discussion board dialogue that has already begun).

I can’t wait for the web conference next week!  Until then, “beam me up, Scotty.”

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