Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Technology Plan in Birdville ISD

The Birdville ISD’s overall technology plan is to develop and sustain a dynamic, integrated infrastructure of human, technological and management resources that empowers all stakeholders to enable students to learn to their fullest potential” (Birdville Independent School District Strategic Technology Plan, Appendix F – Goals and Objectives, p.97). Based on my campus experience, I believe Birdville ISD (BISD) is gradually achieving success. BISD plans its budget according to the needs presented in its plan and maintains the necessary infrastructure.  Teachers are provided technology training occasionally, but more is needed. As a possible result, technology in every classroom is still on the horizon for us.

Within this plan, five goals have been created, which will be carried out by numerous entities, including technology and curriculum specialists, consultants and directors, our superintendent’s leadership team, the IMS manager, the associate superintendent of finance, the director of assessment, and the Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS).

First, students will be provided a curriculum aligned to the Technology Applications TEKS for K-12, along with the tools (technology and online) needed for teachers to create instruction and assessments that help students achieve greater mastery in this area. Progress will be evaluated using documents such as Scope and Sequence, teacher lesson plans, and summaries of projects.
Second, all employees are expected to develop the necessary skills in technology to perform their duties successfully. The district will judge progress by evaluating staff development reports and analyzing the recommendations of a task force.
Third, the district will support the integration of technology with funding and human resources by ensuring that the Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS) are well-trained and are being used in the most advantageous ways. Progress will be assessed by reviewing surveys completed by all who have used ITS services, as well as evaluating the use of personnel in the ITS department.
Fourth, BISD will keep up with changes in technology and repairs of technology equipment by reviewing current technology publications and catalogs, and conducting surveys of technology usage.
Fifth, an infrastructure will be maintained to support technology needs through the use of such things as Skyward, PeopleSoft, EdSoft, and other research-based information systems.

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