Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 4 Web Conference

It's June 16, 2011 and we are winding down to the end of our first course in the Educational Technology Leadership masters program, with only a week and a half to go. Some very important things still remain to be completed before that time is up though.

Dr. Borel went over the details about documents we will be adding to our Tk20 accounts, such as the Internship Plan and part 1 of Assignment 1. She also showed us where to find the 33 ISTE standards in our textbook and how to use that information to complete our Internship Plans. It was a relief to have her remind us that most of the 38 principal competency skills will probably be fulfilled as we complete the 33 ISTE standards required. We were instructed to not take action on certain course-embedded assignments until we receive a revised handbook, which she said may not be until the end of August.

As Dr. Borel said at the beginning of EDLD 5306, we should work with the end in mind. That will help us avoid procrastinating on many of our requirements, such as completing a summary report as we work on the 33 ISTE standards and the 38 principal competency skills. She instructed us to update that report every time we complete an activity so it’s done as we go rather than having the daunting task of completing the whole thing at the end of the program.

Yes, the first course is almost done, but we must not slow down as we approach the fifth and final week. We have some crucial tasks left to finish before we can finally say, “We made it!”

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