Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 5 Web Conference

We really made it (well, almost). As always, Dr. Borel was patient, understanding, and infused humor into the situation whenever possible. Even with the end of this first course so near, there were still some very important things she shared with us.

A few new wiki pages need to be added before the next course starts (Field-based Activities Monthly Report, Internship Field-based Activities Summary Report Updates, and Reflections of Course-based Embedded Assignments). The first monthly report is due by August 1st. Summary reports will be done as activities are completed. The first reflection really should be completed before the next course begins, even though the deadline for that reflection isn’t due until the seventh course.

It was so helpful when Dr. Borel repeatedly reminded us we don’t have to make this hard on ourselves. Once again she gave examples of how we can fill out our internship plans and principal competencies charts. She also pointed out that we need to spread out our activities over the 18 months of the program. It was also helpful and a relief to know we can change activities from what we initially put on the plan or chart if a problem arises that would prevent us from completing the original activity successfully.

The team spirit of our cohort group A was very apparent during this web conference (thanks especially to Mary). I think our group motto has become “together, we can do this!”

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